Supplement Startup
Essential Training (SSET™)

Launch Your Dietary Supplement Brand RIGHT,
Gain A Competitive Edge, and Keep FDA At Bay!

"SSET™ has saved clients thousands of dollars, lowered overall risk, & redefined a new approach to launch a supplement brand!  I'm Brian Yam, founder of SSET™ and I'm committed to helping your brand win."

Supplement Startup Essential Training (SSET™)

 SSET™ was developed to give entrepreneurs like yourself
•  the solid foundation to develop premium, safe, and effective dietary supplements
• the best practices to find the right contract manufacturer for your brand
• a more thorough scope of what to budget, for your operation & business plan
• a better sense of whether your concept is viable before spending significant dollars
•  a sound understanding of the complex FDA and FTC regulatory environment
•  a simple yet effective blueprint to bring your brand to life while making a healthy profit in the process.


IF YOU ARE... entrepreneur or an influencer launching your own competitive supplement brand for the US market, but you need guidance on where to start.

...looking to one-day sell your brand for a hefty sum and make a significant profit!

...a food or supplement start-up in need of operational clarity, and want to be a trusted brand for your customers.

...seeking a proven path that avoids costly mistakes and minimizes the risks to your supplement business.

...unfamiliar with US FDA and FTC compliance requirements that apply to your dietary supplements and your company.

...uncertain as to how to find the right contract manufacturer (without getting ripped off!). 

...driven to offer high quality or premium products to your consumers.

...confused about product claims and how to market your supplements and seek the 'right amount' of compliance.

...looking to create a viable, sustainable supplement brand that can thrive over the long term...


I had an idea and wanted to start a supplement company but I had no prior knowledge or business experience; nevertheless in the supplement space.

Brian's course, insight, and experience was a complete education and cheat sheet to launching my products and company. My supplement was new and complex which gave me worries, all of which were addressed and supported.

I would recommend the supplement Start-up Course together with the 1 on 1 sessions with Brian to anyone who is in a supplementing business space.

The thoroughness of my education from this experience was everything I needed and it threw me miles ahead, facing in the right direction.
                                             ~  JACK KIRBY

What's inside

SSET™ is comprised of answers to the most popular questions curated from client sessions and 18+ years of industry experience in over 50 videos with 5+ hours of content! Here is a course overview:

preview of three course titles with an image of a two business women with clipboard and supplement bottle discussing
preview of three course titles with an image of a hand holding a supplement bottle
preview of four course titles with an image of a team of three multicultural business people standing in front of a whiteboard discussing strategy

Operation Compliance - The Basics

The difference between QA and QC, why compliance matters to brand-owners even if they use contract manufacturers, when testing makes sense and when it doesn't, an inside look at how co-manufacturers operate and how that impact your costs.

Product Brand and Marketing

Learn the key elements to create a winning brand, how to develop your formulas and label, how to properly create your marketing brief (with template), leverage trademarks to your advantage + so much more

Product Claims

Learn the types of claims made on supplements, "trigger" words and litigious language,  and what claims mandate testing or clinical trials + so much more.

Finding The Right Contract Manufacturer For Your Brand

How to find and approach the right contract manufacturer (with access to our manufacturer directory!).

Product Label Development & Formulating Dietary Supplements

Introduction to label content development and mandatory labeling requirements, product development from a compliance perspective, determining safety & efficacy of your ingredients  + so much more.

Dietary Supplement Testing and Shelf Life

Overview of mandatory and common test parameters, shelf-life determination, and costs tied to product testing  + so much more.

Business Expertise

We cover business elements such as: insurance, product pricing, branding, selling to international markets,  the brand launch journey + interviews with industry experts.

Also Included: Regularly updated content reflecting regulatory and enforcement changes during your two years of access - all accessible on the go with the New Zenler mobile app for Apple and Android users.

Get these BONUSES 
when you SIGN UP today:

number one

3 Day GMP Workshop for Beginners ($497 Value)

You'll get access to our "3 Day" GMP Workshop created for those new to the supplement industry. We dive into what GMP means, why requirements apply to brand-owners even if you contract out manufacturing, as well as insight on other regulatory agencies that should matter to you (other than FDA), and more!

number two

The Marketer's Weapon: The Market Brief ($99 Value)

The Market Brief Template -  A key tool in any marketer's arsenal to help you design your product, and see how your concept or formula compares to your competition.  When done correctly, the Market Brief will help identify any compliance issues, as well as streamline discussions with your contract manufacturer for a smooth pricing process.

number three

Exclusive 1:1 Interviews With Marketing, Sales & Industry Experts ($672+ Value)

1:1 interviews with industry experts in functions such as Brand Marketing, Sales and R&D to help you grow your supplement brand for the long term and identify gaps and opportunities you likely have not considered. 

Brian's expertise was something I leaned on heavily through the early stages of ideation, product creation, and resource selection.

Not only did Brian provide immediate feedback and suggestions, he clearly outlined recommended next steps in order to create my product.

The sessions we had were phenomenal and rich in information, but Brian's lasting resources are genuinely just as valuable.

I feel properly equipped to tackle the next challenges that come with creation, primarily due to Brian's information.
                                             ~  FABIAN BRUNNER

What you will gain

By the end of the SSET™ training program you will have...

Portrait of brian yam sitting in front of a shelf of supplements

Business Clarity

You will know exactly what your immediate next steps are to find a manufacturer, develop effective formulas and create your brand and beyond.

Compliance Foresight

Start eliminating the dreaded "unknown-unknowns", prevent quality issues from happening in the first place, and become a trusted brand for your customers.

FDA & FTC Understanding 

You'll no longer waste your time sifting through regulations and FDA documents - you'll be taught compliance requirements in easy-to-understand language.


Set the foundation for your operation to meet online (eg. Amazon) and national retailer compliance requirements (eg. Whole Foods Market, CVS, etc) so that your brand can thrive for the long-term!

Operational Foundation

You will learn the best approach to engaging with potential manufacturers, developing effective formulas (in the eyes of FDA & FTC), and label content creation.


SSET™ will give you the essential technical expertise to bring better health to all, navigate FDA and FTC compliance requirements , and ultimately, help you answer that inner-calling of starting your own supplement company.

Meet Brian,
the compliance expert behind SSET™

(who is rooting for your success!!)

Brian Yam has been involved in the dietary supplement, health products, and food industries since 2004 and has held executive Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance leadership roles in global CPG organizations, as well as high-profile, privately-owned companies.

Brian is the principle consultant and VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Blue Ocean Regulatory.  He is also the creator of MightyStartup, a YouTube Channel geared to helping entrepreneurs grow their food and supplement brand, while navigating the FDA and FTC requirements.

With a business-minded, common-sense approach to compliance, Brian currently serves the spectrum of small, medium and large corporations across North America. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.

His services are sought-after from high-profile, global organizations and fast-growing brands. He is a strong believer that entrepreneurs and start-ups are the foundation to offering innovative food, supplements and health products to better the health of everyone.

Visit our YouTube channel loaded with content to help startups with their supplement and functional food brand! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the latest videos. 

I'm so thankful to have met Brian. Our 1:1 sessions have been a saving grace as I move along this process. The ROI is undeniably there! I've learned so much and he's saved me real money with his invaluable advice and guidance. I can't say enough great things!


Your SSET course is well done. It "saved" me: I moved swiftly and thoroughly through the course, taking detailed notes and adding questions and call-outs for me along the way, and doing some side-research along the way. (I'm about the details) My conclusion: My product business model is not viable and cannot be made so given my product(s) intent and business USP (unique selling proposition).

Your SSET program was well worth the cost to allow me to see things in ways I did not realize. I thank you for that course; it saved me from a business venture that for me would not have worked. I've watched all your youtube vids as a subscriber; well-done by you. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
                                             ~  S.W., Connecticut


$349 USD

2 years Access

  • Industry-tested game plan to launch your brand!
  • 50+ video lessons (~5hrs of consultation) that dives into detail beyond our free YouTube content ($1125 Value)
  • Access to our proprietary manufacturers directory of FDA-audited facilities
  • BONUS: GMP Training Workshop for beginners ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: Market Brief Template to see how your concept stacks up against the competition ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Industry Expert Interviews in Sales, Marketing and more slated for the year ($672+ Value)

Consultations Bundle

$699 USD

2 years Access

  • Everything in SSET™.
  • Two, 60-minute live 1:1 consultation sessions. ($449 Value)
  • Direct feedback on your specific venture, formula, claims & more
  • Save $100 vs purchasing consultations separately (Even better value!)
  • Regularly updated content over the course of your access


$349 USD

2 years Access

  • Have a clear game plan + templates
  • Leverage insider info to your advantage
  • Access to our  manufacturers list
  • 50+ video lessons (~5hrs of consultation content)
  • Mobile app

Consultations Bundle

$699 USD

2 years Access

  • Everything in SSET™
  • Two, 60-minute live 1:1 consultation sessions.
  • Direct feedback on your specific venture, formula, claims & more.
  • Save $100 vs purchasing consultations separately (great value!)
I was new to the supplement industry and wanted to create a high-quality product that consumers could trust. I did as much research as I could and I knew I couldn't rely solely on the manufacturer.  

Blue Ocean Regulatory worked with me to create a product that exceeded all the industry standards. They served as a valuable resource and provided feedback on any questions and concerns I had related to the manufacturing of the product. I received answers to my questions very quickly and received assistance regarding selecting a manufacturer, things to look for before signing a contract, and product label review.  

What makes Blue Ocean Regulatory unique was how personal the relationship felt. We felt as if we had another person looking out for the best interests of the company and we really felt like we had someone to rely on.

We had the best experience with Blue Ocean Regulatory and plan to continuously use their services in the future!  
                                             ~  E.D.


There are no refunds for the standalone SSET program or combined with any other offer.  As the training is recorded video of proprietary content curated over almost 2 decades of professional industry experience, we are not currently offering refunds.

The modules in the training sessions are recorded. Clients looking for a live consultation with Brian may purchase SETT with two 6o minute 1:1 consultations at a discounted rate at the checkout page. Alternatively, you may book a 1:1 consultation separately here. 

Understandably, the regulations change, as well as how enforcement is practiced, either by FDA or by court decisions. Content, as a result, will be reviewed and/or updated every two years to ensure it's current with the times.

We know the information offered here has helped a lot of entrepreneurs kickstart their company, negotiate with contract manufacturers, and ensure they're not being taken advantage of during the process. The content provided has also saved clients thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in inventory costs and/or significantly minimized the brand's compliance risks. Also, please refer to our refund policy above in the FAQ section. While we do not offer a guarantee, we are confident that you'll obtain the very best information to start your own supplement company. 

If you're brand new to starting a supplement brand, the content in this course covers ~90% of the questions that clients ask in our live 1:1 Dietary Supplement Consultation Session. If you feel your situation is different, you may book a live 1:1 consultation HERE, or, you may purchase SETT combined with live 1:1 consultations at a discounted rate at the checkout page. If you already have an established brand (eg. annual sales $50K and above), we'd recommend you book a meeting with Brian DIRECTLY.

If you're brand new to starting a supplement brand, then yes, The vast majority of the content will still apply to you. Even though it's not specific to the regulations of your target country, the principles of GMP and testing, as well as strategies on finding a contract manufacturer are consistent across different territories.

Where this will not apply to you is you're seeking specific advice on exact testing parameters, labeling nuances etc. That said, this training is not intended to get into such details as it's geared to foundational topics. 

No, there is no "other course' of which this training will steer you to. 

Yes of course. While not intended for group or team meetings, we understand you may have other investors or key partners and both want to participate.

Please notify us within 24 hours of the appointment date and we'd be happy to reschedule. If you scheduled through our calendly link, you may reschedule using the link in the original calendal confirmation email. No-shows are subject to no refund.  

I didn't have a comprehensive understanding of what it meant to be truly GMP compliant. There was no map in my mind that I could revert to in-order to take proper and immediate action.

Brian filled in that map. He explained the big picture and then brought it down to the smaller details. We also covered different options and ways you could go about working with a manufacturer which really gave me a clear visual to act upon.

Now I feel like I can plan accordingly and with much more confidence than I had before. Very happy I have found BLUE OCEAN REGULATORY!

Patrick B.

Owner/Future Manufacturer